The Centenary's Map

From 2014 through 2019, Mapping the Centenary is a web resource that contains information about projects and events commemorating the First World War Centenary. We ask organizations and individuals to share information about their activities – from websites to events, learning tools, and historical research – in order to develop a searchable database that will help us better understand how the centennial was commemorated and leave a lasting legacy.

A national educational initiative

The UCL Institute of Education was chosen by the government in 2013 to develop and conduct the First World War Centenary Battlefield Tours Programme (2013–2020). This award-winning £6.3 million program was a key part of the national centennial celebrations. The program was a tremendous success. It had a huge impact on thousands of teachers and millions of pupils in schools around the country, enhancing their knowledge and understanding.

2014 marks the International Day of Conscientious Objectors

A Vigil was conducted in honor of the 16,000 British Conscientious Objectors who served in WW1. The vigil consisted of quiet remembering punctuated with readings of texts and poems in the Quaker tradition. A special tribute was paid to Tottenham's 100 Conscientious Objectors, as well as their families and peace networks. Friends Meeting House, 594 Tottenham High Road, N17 9TA, hosted the vigil.

Objectives and Consequences

IWM was effective in achieving its goals of: Develop and transmit a broader public awareness of war and conflict, linking people with the First World War's continuing legacy and significance to today's world. The support and resources offered by IWM's central and dedicated national museum team permitted and enhanced Centenary events that drew and engaged the public while also deepening understanding about WWI.

More about the project

The First World War Centenary Partnership sparked a slew of highly successful remembrance events in the UK and around the world. “When we joined the Partnership, we had no idea how much assistance we would receive. Our project grew tremendously as a result of it. We were able to accomplish a lot more. ” Sphere Insights 2019, Association, England, South East, First World War Centenary Partnership Evaluation Qualitative Research.

At least 4.5 million people

“There was a ‘thank you' for supporting the Partnership, it was a two-way thing,” said one of the people reached globally in 2018. It was wonderful that they acknowledged that the Partnership would not have succeeded if it hadn't been for the people. “I'd be interested in doing further events with them and working with them again.”

A concert took place hosted by the

European Broadcasting Union

  • The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) hosted a concert with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra in Sarajevo. It took place in a library that had recently been renovated after being destroyed by the Yugoslav War, and which is close to the site of Archduke Franz Ferdinand's assassination, which sparked the war.

  • In 2018, the EBU coordinated a 'Concert for Peace' staged by two of its members, France Télévisions Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF), which was presented at the Royal Opera of Versailles and played again by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra to commemorate the centenary of World War I's end.