Wounded Veterans of the War: People And Their Stories

Wounded Veterans of the War: People And Their Stories
Wounded Veterans of the War: People And Their Stories

Wounded War Heroes was established to demonstrate our gratitude to the men and women who have been wounded or injured while serving our country by providing them with therapeutic outdoor activities upon their return home. Our main objective is to show these veterans that they are remembered for their valiant service to our country.We can help our veterans enjoy the great outdoors by working together with cold war stories from the big freeze.

Taking notes on specifics

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Cochran, Jacqueline

During WWII, Jacqueline Cochran led the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) and worked tirelessly to train pilots for the program. She joined the United States Air Force Reserve as a lieutenant colonel after receiving the Distinguished Service Medal in 1945. She also won three Distinguished Flying Cross medals and her Air Force Command Pilot Wings. Commons Wikimedia Commons

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Doss, Desmond

Desmond Doss was a courageous medic during World War II who refused to carry a weapon. Despite being labeled a "conscientious objector," he single-handedly rescued the lives of 50 to 100 American Marines on Okinawa's Maeda Escarpment in 1945.

Pilecki, Witold

Captain Witold Pilecki of the Polish Army volunteered to enter Auschwitz in order to expose the camp's horrors to the rest of the world. In the guise of the Polish resistance, he formed a network of convicts to assist him. Unfortunately, the underground army believed Pilecki had overstated the camp's hardships and refused to believe him.

Murphy, Audie

Audie Murphy was a short, baby-faced Texas boy whose talent as a soldier made him one of WWII's most decorated heroes. By halting a German attack, he was awarded the Medal of Honor. Murphy mounted an abandoned flaming tank destroyer, wounded and alone with a gun, and held off the Germans long enough for the Allies to launch a counterattack.

Deborah Sampson

During the Revolutionary War, Deborah Sampson disguised herself as a male for two years in order to fight in the Continental Army. She dug the bullet out of her own leg rather than be exposed after being shot in battle. She was discovered and honorably dismissed after an exam years later while critically ill. Her spouse was the first man to receive a widow's pension, and she was one of the first female lecturers. Commons Wikimedia Commons

Frank Luke

In his short time-fighting in WWI, Frank Luke epitomized the reckless image of a fighter pilot by going after heavily defended German observation balloons. He shot down 14 enemy balloons and four aircraft in 30 hours of flight time over ten sorties in nine days of warfare.On Sept. 29, 1918, he flew his final mission but was unfortunately shot down in the air. Luke was able to land his jet in Murvaux, France, but he died as a result of his injuries.

Wounded Veterans of the War: People And Their Stories
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